The Creation...

The three elves noticed that there was only one place on Earth that their songs couldn't reach; one small city. Small compared to the two worlds, the elven and the human. Only later did they find out that the humans had called this city Athens.

All animals, all plants, all humans and all elves could hear the songs apart from the residents of this strange city. This puzzled them so much! So, they decided to visit it and see what's wrong. In order to do this, they had to assume human form and renounce, for a while, their elven powers.

Thus, they temporarily became "humans" and they gave names to their human forms.

Ma (the elf that wrote lyrics).
Eu (the elf that wrote music).
And Ko (the elf that created rhythms).

At first, they laughed with their human forms and their human names (they hadn't realise that the names they had chosen were nothing like the human names). They saw it as a game and, grinning, they teleported. Their trip lasted a second (since journeys between the two worlds don't last long) and they found themselves in the centre of Athens. Their laughter died and their smiles faded. It was so obvious why their songs didn't reach this place!

Apart from the air being polluted (Ma, Eu and Ko had a hard time getting used to breathing this grey thing that - impossibly! - people call "air"); apart from the non-existant sea and the rare green; apart from the innumerable cars, the blocks of flats, the noise, the garbage; apart from all that, there was something worse!

People had forgotten how to listen...

They were walking up and down like crazy, with grumpy faces and bodies misshapen from the tension, each person living in their own little world, unwilling for any kind of communication. Obviously, they had not only forgotten how to listen, but also how to talk. Not ranting, not yelling, not using some weird words that people call "swears", but talking. Just talking. They had, also, forgotten how to see. They hadn't even noticed that three beings had appeared out of nowhere!

Ma turned to her friends and told them: "Poor people... They 're porbably all exiles. Yes, yes, that must be what has happened, they 've been exiled from the human world. Or, maybe, we 're in a prison-city where self-evident senses are banned. Or, maybe, they 've been cursed!
Ko interrupted her: "I don't think so... They did this to themselves..." "No way!", said Ma. Then they both turned to look at Eu, who hadn't talk and was simply watching. Someone would have thought that a tear was about to run down her face. Her very first human tear. She started moving her fingers as a new melody was taking form in her mind.

And in this small pause, three little wishes were created.

"I would like to make these images music", Eu thought.

"I would like to make these images words", Ma thought.

"I would like to make these images beats", Ko thought.

They would do just that.

They would stay close to these people, they would observe them for as long as necessary, and, then, they would write human songs and, in some way, give them to those people.

For quite some time, Ma wrote what she wanted to and gave it to Eu to write melodies for. Then Ko would come to add his magical elements.

Some time passed. Observing people, registering behaviours, analysing events... and, then, the creational part; inspiration, creation...

Thus, some songs were made, which, they soon realised, could be heard by people in only one way: by making a performance out of them. By getting on a stage. Because they saw that when someone gets on a stage, everything stops and people don't talk. So there's silence and the songs can be heard. Just like when they were singing in the cave, now they would be singing on the stage. The only difference was that now they would have people around them, very close. That seemed strange to them. But they knew that the reason why people had to be so close to the stage was probably the fact that they couldn't listen. And, so, they put their songs together and created a performance.

And, thus, the Bar of Wishes was created...