The Little Girl

"Truth is white and it's the truth. Lies are black and are lies. The rest of life is multicolored and lies between these two. Truth is good. Lies are bad."


The Little Girl lives between two worlds. The one world is the world of the grown-ups and the other world is the world of children. The one world is her parents' world and the other is her world. Her mother doesn't understand her and her father is not there. The few moments they spend together, they fight all the time. The little girl interpretes that as love. She experiences everything in a unique, childish way. Her best friend is a doll and she talks to her about everything. She loves and admires her. Everynight she makes the same wish:


"I would like to be like my doll"


Her voice is my voice, her life is my life
and truth and lies has blended into one


How was the Little Girl created?