There are three ways of being alone.

Being Alone.
Being Alone Alone.
And being Alone Alone Alone.

Being "Alone" is the loneliness of life. It's the normal degree of feeling alone, that anyone can experience from time to time.
Being "Alone Alone" is the loneliness of a relationship. Having someone or some people around you, but feeling lonely all the same.
Being "Alone Alone Alone" is the absolute loniness. You don't have anyone. You don't have family, you don't have a relationship, you don't have friends. You don't have anything...

Maria is a woman who despises loneliness, but somehow she keeps ending up on her own all the time, because she can't stand compromised relationships. She feels weak after people's and life's blows. She longs for some real communication and seeks desparately for real people. She's tired of the constant alternation between hope and disappointment and feels very vulnerable after all that... Her wish is this:


"I would like to be stronger"


How was Maria created?