Porcelain soul
you won't last long
no matter how much you try
you'll always be what you are
you can't change the truth
even if you live in fairytales
you are momentarily deformed
and not at all transformed

Ma is a porcelain soul...

The romanticism that came from realism, the choice of knowledge over the bliss of ignorance, the need for evolution, the effort for transcendance (or the other way around, the effort for evolution and the need for transcendance), the defending of values, the tendency to perfectionism, the desperate search of real communication, the love for the world and the people are just a few of the elements that make her so fragile.

Ma is (as someone once said) a mixture of low self-esteem and tremendous self-confidence.
She is a dark creature with bright sides or a bright creature with dark sides.

She likes to dream, to create circumstances with her mind, to make stories, to live in her fairy-tale... this is the only way she can survive in the human world... this is the only way she can survive the human world...

She likes making a lot of wishes, even though she knows most of them won't come true!

One of them is:

"I would like Bar of Wishes to be real"