There is an island far away
on which exists
an angelic form
little Angeliki.

There's a myth that says
if Angeliki picks you out
from the endless crowd
she'll whisper to you.


Angeliki is a dreamy creature that lives somewhere far away from us. She's full of love and kindness. In her fairytale world there are no "negative" feelings, "dark" ideas, "cloudy" situations. Everything is white, clean, bright... That's why she can help people. She hasn't been touched by their ways, she hasn't been hurt by their behaviour. She comes to the human world when she chooses someone or when someone asks her to. She doesn't need any kind of wishes herself. She exists to realize other people's wishes. So, she whispers to people:


"Make a wish and it may come true"

Don't be afraid of fairytales, don't be mad at the truth,
don't hang on to your wounds, don't hurt the past anymore


How was Angeliki created?