The Gypsy

"Shall I tell you your fortune, my lord?"

Moments dance on my dress
moments of yesterday and today
the red lipstick on my lips
has faded on the lips of those I love
my fingers hold months
those days, those unfading memories
I have scents in my hands
and men's breaths on my neck


The Gypsy is a girl full of energy and will to live. She always smiles despite the difficulties and the problems she deals with every day. She likes the sun, the light, the Spring, flowers... She wanders the streets of Monastiraki and Thiseio, telling people their fortunes and dancing to earn her living. Her only friends: street musicians. Her only company: their music. She has a soft spot for a few of these musicians: Kostis is one of them! In his eyes, she sees something of herself. She adores dancing and singing, loves life very much and makes a lot of wishes every day! This is only one of her wishes:


"I would like to be able to dance forever"


How was th Gypsy created?