Bar of Wishes?

by Marilou Valeonti

A musicotheatrical performance with original songs and scripts.

The characters' wishes meet the audience's wishes in a journey through time-space, that doesn't hesitate to offer sociopolitical critisism for our times.

The performance has traveled to several music stages during the last couple of years and this year is presented for the first time on theatre; a "Theatriki Skini" production.

Marilou Valeonti: Actor, director
Kostas Stefopoulos: Percussionist
Eudoxia Ypsilandi: Pianist, composer.

Petros Koublis

Theatre "Theatriki Skini"
Naxou 84
Koliatsou Sq.


Premiere: Monday 1/12/2008.
Every Monday and Tuesday at 9 am.
Duration: 2 hours
Ticket price: 15 Euros